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Are you looking for a professional and experienced dog groomer in Rotorua? Look no further, you have come to the right place. If you are a busy person and you believe that your dog is part of your family, call us today.

Why Pablo’s dog grooming good for me or my dog?

  • Because it is convenient. We adapt to your schedule and open on weekends.
  • Because our service is guaranteed. We are proud to offer the haircut you need for your dog.
  • Because our service is personalised. Your dog will get an abundance of one-on-one attention and love.
  • Because it is stress-free.
  • What Pablo’s Dogs grooming clients say about us:


Pablo's Dogs review of dog grooming services

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Testimonial Dog groomer Rotorua Pablo 1

Testimonial Dog groomer Rotorua Pablo 2

Pablo dog groomer Rotorua

Shitzu groom puppy groom Rotorua dog groomer
Shitzu puppy groom Rotorua dog groomer

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