‘Grooming dogs is like making a sculpture. It is an art.’ -Pablo

At Pablo’s Dogs we aim to make you feel happy and satisfied with your dog’s groom. We are dedicated to giving your dogs the best possible grooming experience because we provide gentle handling and deep understanding of dog behaviour.

We offer you a personalised one-on-one service that will make you and your dog feel calm and safe. We can do this because we only take a limited amount of appointments each day. We make sure there is never rush so that we can provide you with the highest quality of service.

Our Head Groomer, Pablo, has more than 20 years experience grooming dogs in Peru, Australia and New Zealand. He is also qualified and very experienced in Animal Care and Dog Training, and for many years he has been a vet nurse in Peru. An artist and crafts-man at heart, he has also studied drawing, sculpture and carpentry in New Zealand.

Our Grooming Assistant and Manager, Sandra, has four years of experience in training dogs with Pablo and managing Pablo’s Dogs – Dog Training & Grooming. On her free time, she paints watercolours.


  • Head Dog groomer at Pablo’s Dogs, Rotorua, New Zealand: Since 2015
  • Dog groomer at Dog’s Best Friend, Canberra, Australia: 2010-2014
  • Dog groomer at Pet Barn, Tuggeranong, Canberra, Australia: 2010
  • Dog groomer at Veterinary Kusi Wasi, Cusco, Peru: 2009
  • Head Dog groomer at  Veterinary Arenales, Lima Peru: 1993-2009


  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, Australia: 2015
  • Statement of Attainment in Dog Training, TAFE NSW, Australia: 2013
  • Dangerous Dog Assessing and Handling, TAFE NSW, Australia: 2013
  • Dog trainer, 1998-2010 (Lima and Cusco, Peru), 2012-2014 (Canberra, Australia), since 2014 (Rotorua, New Zealand): Basic obedience, recall, nutrition control


  • Sculpture and Drawing, Waiariki Institute of Technology: 2015
  • Outdoor Challenge, Waiariki Institute of Technology: 2015
  • Carpentry, Waiariki Institute of Technology: 2014

Call 021 0450 440 or email: pablosdogs@gmail.com

‘A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal…’